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Caution For Usage
Incompatibilities: Do not dilute or transfer to any other container. Do not administer by intravenous infusion or in conjunction with other drug solutions.
Instructions for Use and Handling and Disposal: The product is for single use only.
The product should not be used, and should be discarded if: the seal is broken, the liquid is colored or particles are in it, it may have been frozen, or there has been a refrigerated failure.
Any unused product or waste material should be disposed of in accordance with local requirements.
Injecting Eprex: If Eprex is injected subcutaneously, the amount injected is not normally more than one milliliter (1 mL) in a single injection.
Eprex is given alone and not mixed with other liquids for injection.
Do not shake Eprex syringes. Prolonged vigorous shaking may damage the product. If the product has been shaken vigorously, don't use it.
How to inject subcutaneously using a prefilled syringe: The pre-filled syringes are fitted with the PROTECS needle guard device to help prevent needle stick injuries after use. This is indicated on the packaging.
Take a syringe out of the refrigerator. The liquid needs to come to room temperature. This usually takes between 15 to 30 minutes. Do not remove the syringe's needle cover while allowing it to reach room temperature.
Check the syringe, to make sure it is the right dose, has not passed its expiry date, is not damaged, and the liquid is clear and not frozen.
Choose an injection site. Good sites are the top of the thigh and around the abdomen but away from the navel. Vary the site from day to day.
Wash your hands. Use an antiseptic swab on the injection site, to disinfect it.
Hold the pre-filled syringe by the body of the syringe with the covered needle pointing upward.
Do not hold by the plunger head, plunger, needle guard wings, or needle cover.
Do not pull back on the plunger at any time.
Do not remove the needle cover from the pre-filled syringe until you are ready to inject your Eprex.
Take the needle cover off the syringe by holding the body and pulling the needle off carefully without twisting it. Don't push the plunger, touch the needle or shake the syringe.
Do not touch the needle guard wins to prevent prematurely covering the needle with the needle guard. Pinch a fold of skin between the thumb and index finger. Don't squeeze it.
Push the needle in fully.
Push the plunger with the thumb as far as it will go to inject all of the liquid. Push it slowly and evenly, keeping the skinfold pinched. The needle guard will not activate unless the entire dose is given. The patient may hear a click when the needle guard has been activated.
When the plunger is pushed as far as it will go, take out the needle and let go of the skin.
Slowly take the thumb off the plunger. Allow the syringe to move up until the entire needle is covered by the needle guard.
When the needle is pulled out of the skin, there may be a little bleeding at the injection site. This is normal. The patient can press an antiseptic swab over the injection site for a few seconds after the injection.
Dispose of the used syringe in a safe container.
Only take one dose of Eprex from each syringe. If any liquid remains in the syringe after an injection, the syringe should be properly disposed of, not reused.
What to do if the patient miss a dose of Eprex: Give the next injection as soon as the patient remember. If the patient is within a day of the next injection, forget the missed one and carry on with the normal schedule. Do not double up the injections.
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