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Vitamin B-complex, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and zinc.
BEROCCA is a dietary supplement with a combination of essential nutrients. It contains all the water-soluble vitamins; the whole group of B vitamins and vitamin C, the minerals calcium and magnesium and, the trace element zinc.
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All the ingredients in BEROCCA are essential nutrients for the normal physiological function of human, but cannot be synthesised by the human body itself.
B vitamins help to maintain good health. B vitamins also help the body to utilise energy from food, metabolize proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
Vitamin C is needed for wound healing, healthy bones, teeth, gums as well as general make-up of the body.
Calcium is important for formation and maintenance of bones and teeth.
Magnesium helps in the maintenance of good health and helps the body to metabolise carbohydrates.
Zinc is an important trace element that helps to maintain good health of the body and helps the body to metabolise carbohydrates, fats and proteins.
BEROCCA taken daily is a healthy dietary supplement with essential nutrients that helps you cope with your busy and demanding lifestyle. Berocca offers a healthy way to get your body's micronutrient levels back to optimum level.
Dosage/Direction for Use
Adults and children above 12 years: One effervescent tablet once daily, dissolve tablet in a glass of water to make a tasty orange flavoured drink. Do not exceed the recommended dosage.
BEROCCA is not suitable for person known to be allergic to any of its ingredients. It is not suitable for patients with hypercalcemia or hypermagnesemia. BEROCCA should be taken under the supervision of doctor in patients with oxaluria, nephrolithiasis/urolithiasis, hemochromatosis and in renal insufficiency.
Special Precautions
BEROCCA Effervescent tablet is sweetened with aspartame, acesulfame-K and mannitol, therefore poses no dental risk. However, it is not recommended for person with phenylketonuria due to the source of phenylalanine (aspartame). It is suitable for diabetes patients. However, vitamin C may influence the laboratory test of glucose in the urine, although it has no effect on blood sugar levels. Therefore, it should not be taken several days before such tests are performed.
BEROCCA Effervescent tablet contains 272 mg sodium. Therefore, it is not recommended for patients with a low sodium diet.
BEROCCA Effervescent tablet contains the maximum daily dose of vitamin B6 (pyridoxine). Hence, do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
Risk benefits should be considered when the following medical problems exist: atrophic gastritis and disorder of the ileum or pancreas.
Use In Pregnancy & Lactation
At the recommended dosage, there are no indications of harmful effects on the mother and child. The vitamins and minerals in BEROCCA maybe excreted into breast milk, but at recommended dosage, they are unlikely to result in harmful effects on the child.
Adverse Reactions
Adverse effects due to BEROCCA Effervescent tablet intake are very rare. You may occasionally notice a slight yellow discolouration of your urine after taking BEROCCA Effervescent tablet. This effect is completely normal, harmless and is due to the vitamin B2 (riboflavin) contained in the preparation. Allergic reactions, described as uticaria, rash and throat swelling have been reported in isolated cases. If the patient notice any side effects not mentioned in this leaflet, please inform the doctor or pharmacist.
Store below 25°C. Protect from light and moisture.
MIMS Class
Vitamins &/or Minerals
ATC Classification
A11AA03 - multivitamins and other minerals, incl. combinations ; Belongs to the class of multivitamins with minerals. Used as dietary supplements.
Berocca effervescent tab
(orange flavour) 2's; (orange flavour) 45's; (orange/mango flavour) 15's; (orange/mango flavour) 30's
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