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Adverse Reactions
Cardiovascular System: Bradycardia, hypotension, hypertension, premature ventricular contractions, premature atrial contractions, syncope, arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation, ventricular fibrillation, atrioventricular heart block, bigeminal pulses, haemorrhage, cardioplegy, abnormal ECG, edema, extrasystole, cardiac infarction, cardiac ischemia, ST segment depression, tachycardia, cardiac output decrement, heart block, etc.
Central Nervous System: Hypertonia/dystonia, paraesthesia, chafe, amorous behavior, anxiety, bucking, jerking, chill, clonic/myoclonic movement, confusion, delirium, dejection, vertigo, euphoria, fatigue, hallucination, analgesia, hysteria, sleeplessness, moaning, neurosis, episthotonos, epilepsy, drowsiness, tremor, twitching, increased intracranial pressure, acute/delayed convulsion, epileptic shock, chorea, excitation, aphrodisiac disorders, rigidity, bellicosity, etc.
Digestive System: Hypersalivation, abdominal cramping, diarrhoea, xerostomia, glandular parotid extension, vomiting, nausea, etc.
Respiratory System: Cough, hiccup, apnea, upper airway obstruction, bronchospasm, dyspnea, wheezing, decreased respiration, burning in throat, sneezing, tachypnea, hyperventilation, hypoxia, pharyngitis, pulmonary insufficiency, pulmonary edema, respiratory acidosis during lactation, etc.
Skin: Flushing, rash, pruritus, urticaria, conjunctival congestion, diaphoresis, erythema, etc.
Systemic Symptoms: Anaphylaxis, anaphylactoid response, perinatal disorders, torpidity, arousal, pectoralgia, acroesthesia, fever, cervical ankylosis, septicaemia, body pain, weakness, etc.
Musculoskeletal System: Myalgia, etc.
Urogenital System: Urinary retention; green, red or turbid urine; oliguria; urine discoloration, etc.
Haematologic System: Coagulopathy, leukocytosis, etc.
Sensory System: Amblyopia, ambiopia, otic pain, ocular pain, nystagmus, cacogeusia, sonitus, etc.
Others: Musculi linguae depression, hyperpotassemia, hyperlipemia, blood urea nitrogen (BUN) increment, creatinine increment, dehydration, hyperglycemia, metabolic acidosis, molal osmotic concentration increment, renal/hepatic function disorders, etc.
Injection Site: Burning, irritation, rubor, urticaria, pruritus, discoloration, hemal pain, percussion, frigidity, insensibility, phlebitis (sometimes), thrombosis, paretic sense (rarely), etc.
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