Symbicort Rapihaler

Symbicort Rapihaler Patient Counseling Information

budesonide + formoterol




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Patient Counseling Information
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE/HANDLING: Please read the complete instructions carefully before you start to take your medication.
Application: Before your first application, note the last date you can use the metered dose inhaler. This is 3 months from the moment the protective foil was opened.
Preparation of the metered dose inhaler: Take the metered dose inhaler out of the protective foil before using it for the first time and throw the foil away. Your metered dose inhaler is ready to use, please do not disassemble it. Before using the metered dose inhaler for the first time, if you have not used it for more than a week, or if it has been dropped, gently shake it and release two puffs into the air.
Method of administration: 1. Shake the metered dose inhaler gently.
2. Remove the protective mouthpiece cap by gently squeezing it.
3. Hold the metered dose inhaler upright between your thumb and index finger.
Exhale as strongly as possible holding the mouthpiece in your mouth between your teeth and wrapping your lips around it.
4. Begin breathing slowly and deeply through your mouth while pressing firmly on the container.
5. Continue to inhale and hold your breath for approximately 10 seconds or as long as it is comfortable. Then take the metered dose inhaler out of your mouth and stop pressing down on the container.
6. Shake the container again and repeat points 3 to 5.
7. After application, put the protective cap back on.
8. Rinse your mouth with water to prevent any drug residue.
Routine care for mouthpiece: The mouthpiece must be cleaned regularly, at least once a week. Proceed as follows: 1. Remove the protective cap.
2. Wipe the inside and outside of the mouthpiece with a clean, dry cloth.
3. Put the protective cap back on.
4. Do not try to disassemble the metered dose inhaler.
Never put the metered dose inhaler in water.
How do you know when your Symbicort Rapihaler no longer has doses available: On the top of the metered dose inhaler is a counter that shows how many doses are still available. The counter, indicated by a small arrow, starts at 120. Each time you inhale a dose or spray it into the air, the arrow will move towards "0".
Once the arrow reaches the yellow mark, there are about 20 doses left. If the arrow points to "0", you must use a new metered dose inhaler, even if the metered dose inhaler does not yet appear to be empty. You would no longer inhale the correct dose.
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