Parathyroid hormone

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Indications and Dosage
Adult: Initially, 50 mcg once daily, in conjunction w/ activated vit D and Ca supplement. Active forms of vit D and Ca supplement may require adjustment based on albumin-corrected serum Ca concentration. Dose may be increased in increments of 25 mcg every 4 wk up to max of 100 mcg if serum Ca cannot be maintained >8 mg/dL w/o an active form of vit D and/or oral Ca supplementation. May be decreased to Min of 25 mcg once daily if total serum Ca is repeatedly >9 mg/dL after the active form of vit D has been discontinued and Ca supplement has been decreased to a dose sufficient to meet daily needs. Maintenance: Use the lowest dose that achieves albumin-corrected serum Ca w/in the lower half of the normal range (i.e. 8-9 mg/dL).
Attach the mixing device to the drug cartridge according to manufacturer’s instructions. Slowly move the cartridge back and forth (approx 10 times) to mix the contents; do not shake.
Special Precautions
Patient at increased risk of osteosarcoma (e.g. patient w/ Paget’s disease of bone or unexplained elevations of alkaline phosphatase, hereditary disorders predisposing to osteosarcoma, history of external beam or implant radiation therapy involving skeleton; young adult w/ open epiphyses). Pregnancy and lactation.
Adverse Reactions
Osteosarcoma, paraesthesia, hypocalcaemia, headache, hypercalcaemia, nausea, hypoaesthesia, diarrhoea, vomiting, arthralgia, hypercalciuria, pain in extremity.
Parenteral/SC: C
Monitoring Parameters
Ensure that serum Ca is >7.5 mg/dL prior to therapy, then monitor w/in 3-7 days following initiation or dosage adjustments and until maintenance dose is achieved, and periodically thereafter; urinary Ca excretion (after maintenance dose is achieved).
Drug Interactions
May increase risk of digoxin toxicity. Reduced Ca-sparing effect w/ alendronic acid.
Mechanism of Action: Parathyroid hormone elevates serum Ca concentrations by increasing renal tubular Ca reabsorption and intestinal Ca absorption, and by increasing bone turnover, thus releasing Ca into the circulation.
Onset: Peak effect: 10-12 hr.
Duration: >24 hr.
Absorption: Absolute bioavailability: 53%. Time to peak plasma concentration: 5-30 min.
Distribution: Volume of distribution: 5.35 L (at steady state).
Metabolism: Primarily hepatic; via cleavage by cathepsins.
Excretion: Via urine. Elimination half-life: Approx 3 hr.
Store between 2-8°C. Protect from heat and light. Do not freeze or shake.
MIMS Class
Agents Affecting Bone Metabolism
ATC Classification
H05AA03 - parathyroid hormone ; Belongs to the class of parathyroid hormones and analogues. Used in the management of calcium homeostasis.
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