MedEx Digital Thermometer

MedEx Digital Thermometer


Y.S.P. Industries


Y.S.P. Industries
Full Prescribing Info
Flexible Tip, Beeper, Auto Power Off, °C/°F Function, Large Display and Waterproof.
Clinically accurate.
Triple mode operation: oral, axillary or rectal.
6 times faster than traditional digital thermometers.
Beeper for complete measuring.
Fever alarm above 37.8°C/100°F.
Last reading memory.
Low battery indication.
Mercury free for safe usage.
Parts of MedEx DIGITAL THERMOMETER: LCD, Button, Sensor, Cover.
Technical Specification of MedEx DIGITAL THERMOMETER: (see Table 1.)

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MedEx digital thermometer is waterproof.
Measure body temperature via oral, rectal or axillaries.
Dosage/Direction for Use
Operation: 1. Press the button, the LCD display will show 188.8 indicator for about 2 seconds.
2. After switching on, the thermometer will show the last memorized value for about 2 seconds and then "Lo" will be shown on the LCD, which means the patient can start to measure the temperature.
3. While the thermometer is being used, the "C" mark will flicker during the measuring period. After 10 seconds, a "bibibibi-bibibibi" sound will be heard, which means the measurement is complete.
4. To preserve the battery life, switch off the thermometer after each use by pressing the button, otherwise the thermometer will shut off automatically after 8 minutes.
Do not take the thermometer out from the body before hearing "bibibibi-bibibibi" sound, otherwise the LCD will show "- - - C" with "bi-bi-bi-bi" sound and will not show any results. This is to avoid unfinished or incorrect measurement. At this time, turn the thermometer off and then turn it on again for a new measurement.
When the body temperature reaches 37.8°C, fever alarm of a short "bi-bi-bi" sound will be produced.
If the thermometer is not removed from the measured place, such as mouth or underarm after the beep sound, the indicated temperature will fluctuate minimally. Especially the underarm measurement, keep the thermometer under the arm for the recommended minimum measuring time (refer to Reliable Method to Measure Temperature as follows).
Reliable Method to Measure Temperature: Body temperature in the morning (lower) will be different from those in the afternoon (higher). Hence, measuring the body temperature in the same place and at the same time of the day is recommended. (See Table 2.)

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Special Precautions
Precautions For Use: Use of the device is not intended to be a substitute for consultation with a physician.
This thermometer is intended for the measurement of human body temperature either via oral, rectal or axillaries (underarm) for people of all ages.
Before using the thermometer, read the monograph thoroughly and carefully.
Disregarding the information given in the monograph is considered as inappropriate use.
After showering, exercising, eating or drinking, wait 30 minutes before intending to measure the temperature.
When inserting the thermometer (for oral and rectal use), insert it gently.
Do not drop the thermometer because it is not shockproof.
Do not boil the probe, instead, clean the thermometer by wiping it with a dry cloth and clean the probe with medical alcohol (75%).
Do not expose the thermometer to direct sunlight or high temperatures.
Do not bend the thermometer.
Do not bite or pull the thermometer.
If it displays "Err" it means the thermometer is not functioning properly. Contact the retailer.
Caution For Usage
Battery Replacement: When the battery is almost exhausted, the battery symbol will appear on the LCD display.
Replace the battery and follow the instructions as follows: 1. Slide back the battery cover.
2. Carefully remove the battery from its holder by using a pointed object.
3. Insert a new battery with the "+" symbol at the top.
4. When replacing the battery cover, take care that the seal is not damaged.
Do not recharge the battery.
Do not swallow the battery.
Do not dispose the batter in fire as it may explode.
Do not attempt to disassemble the thermometer except during battery replacement.
Cleaning & Maintenance: When continuous re-measurements are required, clean the unit using the medical alcohol (75%), then wipe it with clean and dry cloth (medical cotton) before each use.
Patient Counseling Information
Error Indications: Problems (P) & Solutions (S): P: If the temperature is more than 43°C/109.4°F, the LCD shows "Hi".
S: Recheck the measured area before measuring.
P: If the temperature is below 32°C/89.6°F, the LCD shows "Lo" persistently.
S: Recheck the measured area before measuring.
P: Battery weak.
S: Replace the battery.
P: If the thermometer is removed from the measured place before the beep sound is heard or failed to measure temperature with the correct gesture, "- - -" will be shown with notifying beep sound.
S: Turn the thermometer off and then turn it on again for measurement.
P: If the thermometer has some problems and unable to measure temperature, the LCD will display "Err".
S: Send the thermometer back to your retailer or the store you bought.
Warranty: MedEx digital thermometer is guaranteed for 1 year from the date of purchase against manufacturer's defect under normal use. If your unit does not function properly due to defective parts or assembly, manufacturer will repair if free of charge. All parts are covered by this warranty except the battery and damage to the unit due to improper handling.
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MedEx Digital Thermometer
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